Motion Control


Servo & Stepper Motors

Dymaxis offers a broad range to fit every application. Rotary and linear, housed and frameless, geared and direct drive permanent magnet brushless and brushed servo motors. Open-loop and closed-loop hybrid stepper motors.


Motion Controllers

Fully programmable single and multi-axis controllers for indexing, coordinated and vector motion, and full kinematic control. IEC61131-3 open standard, Motion BASIC, and proprietary structured text languages. Network support for EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP, OPC/UA, and others.


Servo & Stepper Drivers

The latest technology for torque, velocity, and position control of permanent magnet brushless and brushed servomotors. Advanced drives for open-loop and closed-loop steppers.


Linear & Rotary Motion


Precision Stages

Micron and sub-micron linear and arc-sec rotary positioning stages. Interferometer-tested single and multi-axis systems for ultra-precision applications in lab, clean-room, and in-vacuum environments. Standard and custom solutions.



Every kind of linear and rotary actuator for every type of application. Coarse or precise positioning, high-speed, large payload, harsh/special environments, limited-space, and more. Standard and custom solutions available.


Linear & Rotary Drive Technology

Precision ballscrews, rack & pinion, timing belts, rotary reduction units, and direct-drive motors. From miniature to multi-ton driving systems, for clean and for dirty environments, and every application in between.




Industrial PC

Fanless, cableless, and fully solid-state industrial PC's. Offered in embedded box and panel PC designs for rugged and reliable PC control and machine interface. Intel, Atom, and AMD processors. Complete IIoT support.


Machine Control

Motion-centric and I/O-centric dedicated machine controllers to meet your specific need. IEC61131-3 and PLCOpen programming standards. Linux support for open, flexible development. Cloud and IIoT-ready solutions.


Networking & I/O

Flexible, granular I/O solutions with over 500 standard modules and support for all common fieldbuses and protocols to build and expand your system to your precise needs. Full range of robust networking hardware from basic Ethernet switches to fully managed and secure solutions with PoE support.




Precision Gearing

Planetary, cycloidal, harmonic, and various right-angle designs provide ideal reduction for each application. Standard products come ready to mount to any servo or stepper motor.


Couplings & Brakes

Integral and modular failsafe braking for motors, shafts, and profile rails. Electric and pneumatic operation. Flexible couplings and line shafts, clutches and limiters to simplify machine design and protect machinery.


Precision Bearings

Linear and rotary guidance using ball and roller technology. Designed for miniature to massive payloads, with fine clearance for low friction or high preload for maximum rigidity, speeds over 3 m/s, optional seals and coatings for harsh environments. Carbon steel, SS, and Aluminum.